PRELUDE(プレリュード)ターボ 1992 | Honda Prelude Turbo 1992


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ホンダ PRELUDE(プレリュード)Si VTEC 4WS ターボ 1992


  • メーカー・車種
  • Honda ホンダ PRELUDE(プレリュード) Si VTEC 4WS
  • 型式
  • E-BB1
  • 全長×全幅×全高
  • 4440×1765×1290mm
  • ホイールベース
  • 2550mm
  • トレッド前/後
  • 1525/1515mm
  • 車両タイプ
  • ■2ドア クーペ 
  • ディレクトリ名
  • honda_prelude_turbo


  • 種類
  • 水冷直列4気筒DOHC16バルブ
  • エンジン型式
  • H22A
  • 総排気量
  • 2156 cc
  • 過給機
  • シングルターボ
  • レブリミット
  • 7500rpm


  • 駆動方式
  • FF
  • トランスミッション
  • 5速
  • 最高出力 (馬力)
  • 346 bhp (351 PS)
  • 最大トルク
  • 423 Nm
  • 最高速度
  • 265 km/h
  • 加速性能
  • 5.6s 0 – 100
  • 車両重量
  • 1010 kg
  • パワーウェイトレシオ馬力重量
  • 2.92 kg/hp


  • Author(制作者)
  • Raiden Gaming D&O Racing

Drivetrain/data/UI/paint updates by: Paulo Ribeiro and Mike173
Driver model/position changed, hand/wheel synch fixed, shifting animation added, number plates fixed, skins/wheels tweaked, GT-type explosive backfire added, UI amended, livery icons updated by: Mascot

On 19 September 1991, the fourth-generation Prelude was introduced in Japan, and in Europe from early 1992. The car had a 58% front and 42% rear weight distribution. The four wheel steering system was changed to an electronic version and the engine was increased in capacity from 2.1 liters to 2.2 liters for the base model "S" (SOHC F22A1 engine, 135 PS (99 kW; 133 hp) at 5200 rpm, 203 N⋅m (150 ft⋅lbf) at 4000 rpm) and "VTEC" model (DOHC VTEC H22A1, 190 PS (140 kW; 187 hp) at 6800 rpm, 207 N⋅m (153 ft⋅lbf) at 5500 rpm), with a 2.3-liter for the "Si" (DOHC H23A1, 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp) at 5800 rpm, 212 N⋅m (156 ft⋅lbf) at 5300 rpm). The Japanese Si came with the F22B (2.2 L DOHC non-VTEC, 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp)). The VTEC model had an upgraded brake system, going from a 10.3" (262 mm) front rotor to an 11.1" (282 mm) front rotor and utilizing larger brake caliper and pads, similar to those found in the Honda Vigor. Its styling approach is similar to the Honda Ascot Innova during the same time period. Additionally, a 2.0i, single overhead cam (SOHC) model was released in Europe, rated at 133 PS (98 kW; 131 hp). 1993 was the last year that the "Si-VTEC" (BB4) name was used, and beginning in 1994 it was shortened to just "VTEC" and stayed that way throughout the rest of the generation. In some countries, the Prelude with 2.2 VTEC engine was called the VTi-R. Later the 96 prelude SI/SR was introduced with a 2.3 Non-VTEC engine. In Canada, the Si was called the SR, and the VTEC was called the SR-V. Due to the width dimensions and the engine displacement exceeding Japanese government regulations for vehicles classified as "compact", this generation Prelude obligated Japanese owners to yearly taxes. This model also marked the end for the pop-up headlights. The 1992 Prelude incorporated other design features that had also become the "Prelude standard". The rear end was rounded and fairly high in comparison to the previous square trunk line. The front fascia of the car became wider with fixed headlights. The glass moonroof made way for a steel sliding sunroof which no longer retracted into the car but extended out and over it.


  • MODファイル名
  • ダウンロード
  • Honda Prelude Turbo 1992 v1.2 by Raiden Gaming D&O (CSP) for AC v1.16.4.7z
  • ダウンロード

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