ブガッティ・EB110 スーパースポーツ | Bugatti EB110 Super Sport



Bugatti(ブガッティ) EB110 SS
1992年、エンジンの出力を向上し、車体を軽量化した「EB110SS」を追加。「SS」とは「Super Sports」の頭文字である。エンジンの最高出力は611馬力に達し、最高速度は「GT」の342 km/hに対して355 km/hであった。また「GT」では可変式であったリアスポイラーが固定式となり、異なるホイールが装着されているなど、エクステリアにも変更を受けていた。


  • メーカー・車種
  • Bugatti ブガッティ・EB110 
  • 型式
  • EB110
  • 全長×全幅×全高
  • 4400x1960x1125mm
  • ホイールベース
  • 2553mm
  • トレッド前/後
  • 車両タイプ
  • ■2ドア クーペ 
  • ディレクトリ名
  • accr_bugatti_eb_110_ss


  • 種類
  • V型12気筒DOHC60バルブ
  • エンジン型式
  • 総排気量
  • 3499 cc
  • 過給機
  • クアッドターボ
  • レブリミット
  • 8500rpm


  • 駆動方式
  • 4WD
  • トランスミッション
  • 6速
  • 最高出力 (馬力)
  • 603 bhp (611 PS)
  • 最大トルク
  • 650 Nm
  • 最高速度
  • 355 km/h
  • 加速性能
  • 3.9 s 0–100
  • 車両重量
  • 1418 kg
  • パワーウェイトレシオ馬力重量
  • 2.35 kg/hp


  • Author(制作者)
  • s3r1u5 updated by AC Cars Reworked

Bugatti EB110 Super Sport (1992)

Engine: Maserati 3.5 V12 Quad-Turbo
Traction: 4WD (four-wheel drive)
Gearbox: manual, 6-speed (H)
Suspensions: dwb (front), dwb + arb (rear)
Fuel capacity: 120 liters
Driver's aids: ABS

The Bugatti EB 110 is a mid-engine sports car produced by Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. from 1991 to 1995, when the company was liquidated. It was the only production model made by Romano Artioli's Italian incarnation of Bugatti.

The Bugatti EB 110 was unveiled on 15 September 1991, at both Versailles and in front of the Grande Arche de la Défense, near Paris, exactly 110 years after Ettore Bugatti's birth. In 1992, a lighter and more powerful variant with 600 PS (441 kW; 592 hp)[1] called the EB 110 SS ("Super Sport") was introduced. The Super Sport could attain a top speed of 216 mph (348 km/h) and could accelerate from 0–62 mph (0–100 km/h) in 3.2 seconds.

Early in 1994, Formula One driver Michael Schumacher purchased a yellow EB 110 SS, giving the company a great deal of publicity. Schumacher retained the car until 2003. Derek Hill, son of American Formula One champion Phil Hill, was one of three drivers on a team that competed with an EB 110 in the United States at the 1996 24 Hours of Daytona.

Hard times hit the company in 1995 and as a result of chairman Artioli's over-ambitious purchase of Lotus Cars in addition to the company's quest to develop the EB112 four door saloon, the company was bankrupt. Dauer Racing GmbH of Nuremberg, Germany, bought the semi-finished EB 110 cars in the assembly plant plus the parts inventory through the bankruptcy trustee. The remaining chassis and a version of the engine were later developed by B Engineering into their Edonis sports car.


v3.0 updated 15.02.2020
– new aero (ACCR v2)
– new engine power/torque figure
– new suspensions setup
– tweaked turbo config
– tweaked differential config
– adjusted gear ratio to match mod tyre radius
– adjusted brake balance
– tweaked ABS
– corrected car total mass
– corrected fuel tank position
– tweaked shaders
– updated previews
– fixed headlights glass missing reflections
– fixed lights

v2.1.1 unreleased
– moved config file into main folder structure

v2.1 updated 23.02.2019
– rebuilt 3D car .kn5 file with new shaders type
– added perfect collider by RealAKP
– finally fixed oversteer problem
– more brakes power to the front
– slightly increased brakes power
– changed throttle LUT
– added adjustable wing (only with Shaders Patch)
– added visual damage (front bumper and bonnet)
– added deforming bonnet (only with Shaders Patch)
– added skins with baked AO map by RealAKP
– fix for the EB110SS side stickers by RealAKP
– updated previews

v2.0 updated 12.02.2019
– new engine power/torque figure
– new turbo configuration
– new aero (ACCR v2) with adjustable rear wing
– new LODs .kn5 files
– changed traction to AWD
– corrected final ratio with tyres compensation
– tweaked suspensions setup
– added rear wing angle option in setup screen
– added brake bias option in setup screen
– decreased collider ground clearance
– car gauge and console backlights are now green
– enlightened gauge needles
– kph speedometer texture by dr8008
– slightly reworked some skins
– renamed skins with official colors name
– updated skins liveries icons

v1.1 updated 26.12.2018
– added LODs .kn5 files for better performance
– corrected OEM suspensions setup
– fixed hands and steering wheel out of synch

v1.0.1 updated 11.11.2018
– corrected car inertia
– enhanced shaders config
– lights with custom emissive shader

v1.0 released 10.11.2018
– new engine power/torque figure
– new aero config
– new tyres v10
– new onboard cameras
– added extended raytracing for tyres
– tweaked car setup
– changed shaders config
– corrected car inertia
– changed car mass
– corrected gear ratio
– adjusted traction to rwd
– tweaked quad-turbo configuration (max boost and wastegates)
– adjusted brake power
– adjusted lights
– corrected abs, removed traction control
– updated ambient shadows
– added reverse light
– added odometers
– corrected rpm instrument


  • MODファイル名
  • ダウンロード
  • Bugatti EB110 SuperSport 1992 by s3r1u5 updated by AC Reworked v3.0 for AC v1.16.3.7z
  • ダウンロード

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